Social Work Programmes

    Unit 1. Basic Principles in Social Work
    Topic 1. Guidelines for Social Workers
    Topic 2. Ethics of a Social Worker
    Topic 3. Demands of Social Work
    Unit 2. The Family 9
    Topic 1. Organization and Structure of the Family
    Topic 2. Family Composition
    Topic 3. Problems in Families
    Topic 4. Strategies for Solving Problems in Families
    Unit 3. Culture, Society and Social Work Theory
    Topic 1. What is Culture?
    Topic 2. Social Stratification
    Topic 3. Social Work Theory
    Unit 4. Social Welfare Services
    Topic 1. Social Welfare Services
    Unit 5. Methods of Conducting and Managing
    Social Work Programmes
    Topic 1. Approaches in Conducting Social Work
    Topic 2. Management of Social Work Programmes

    1. Social welfare package weekly for all from age 18years and above
    2. Social welfare package for all unemployed mothers.
    Social welfare has long been an important part of Nigeria 2015 society and a ... available for, and looking for full time work; over 18 years of age (or 16-17 if they are ... to the delivery of unemployment benefits, the changes focus mainly on youth with a .... The package is thought to cover approximately 75% of all families with ...


    February 2013